Direction one:

  1. Protein expression, purification, crystallization, and structure analysis

  2. Determine the affinity, thermodynamic and pharmacokinetic parameters of the interaction between small molecules and proteins

  3. Optimized design, synthesis, and activity evaluation of active compounds based on the target structure

Direction two:

  1. CRISPR CAS9 technology, molecular cloning, synthetic biology

  2. Pharmacological experiments, cell and animal experiments, functional experiments


  1. Have a research background in the above two directions, and have a doctorate degree from an Internationally renowned university

  2. Published more than 1 SCI/SSCI/EI English journal article

  3. Be integrity, practical work, be aggressive, have a teamwork spirit, have the ability to solve the problem independently.

  4. Research period: 1-2 years.

Position value:

Depends on ability

Application method:

  1.  All the Interested applicants are welcome, please send your detailed resumes, a summary of main research achievements, academic and degree certificates, representative publications, future work plans, etc. with the title of “Application-Job title-Name” to the mailbox:

  2.  After initial review, you will be contacted via email or phone for an interview.

  3. Application deadline: Long-term validity.


Macau University of Science and Technology, Avenida Wai Long, Taipa, Macau